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client Testimonials, Feedback and Reviews.

Here's a modest bunch from our mountain of praises, gathered over two decades. Hundreds have said we're good; we kept the best ones. After all, we're in the business of lifting weights, not egos!

SR - PT and group sessions. "Liam is a top bloke, good laugh and fierce Personal Trainer. He doesn't let you give up and gives you that push/kick to keep you going when you need it most. I've only been training under him for six months, and in that time my overall health has improved, my fitness, and my mental fortitude/confidence. Liam has not only taught me how to lift correctly and how to ignore my mind and listen to my body - but he has also helped with my nutrition. I will be a member for many, many years. I 100% recommend The Angry Vegan. Give it a go, you'll get the help to become the best version of you!"

SH - PT "Liam is a great trainer, comes up with great workouts and mixes it up to keep it fun and challenging at the same time. Highly recommend him to anyone that is interested in losing weight or keeping fit. The group sessions were really well run and organised!"

NM - PT and group sessions. "I've never been someone who enjoys the gym (especially group classes) before. I joined with the goal of simply getting fit, but with the support of Liam, Francesca and all of the lovely members I'm pushing myself past milestones I didn't believe myself capable of. Liam is an excellent trainer (far from angry!) and the atmosphere is extremely supportive and welcoming. Definitely recommend this to people who are anxious and don't enjoy the large and more impersonal gyms."

JM - PT "Using Liam as a personal trainer really helped me develop not only my strength but my knowledge and technique in different lifts. I also gained a lot of insight into different aspects of health and exercise. Definitely worth taking lessons with Liam as you can learn more at any level you are at 👍🏼 …"

CK - PT "Very professional and knowledgeable in regards to bodybuilding, powerlifting and Kettlebell workouts along with the key workorks. Workouts are always kept interesting by liams vast experience and routines. Very supportive and capable to help you reach your goals or bring you to the next level. I'd highly recommend Liam for PT sessions. Liam also works incorporation with any workout or exercise plan that you be already be using to offer further benefits, as a cyclist I find it very useful to gain further improvements."

IC - Group sessions. "Liam and the other members are my support group. The contacts that Liam has are amazing. We have me t(over zoon) and trained with world class athletes. He is very passionate about training and although training is hard we have a laugh and get through it."

JE - PT and group sessions. "I got some individual coaching on my deadlift and squat technique and Liam’s help made a massive difference. It also helped my day to day back pain. The classes are great too - a really friendly community"

Reviews and Feedback for The Angry Vegan Personal Training

JG - PT and group sessions. "An excellent strength and conditioning facility. Equipment is of the highest standard and the entire place is very clean and well maintained. Liam is very knowledgeable and super approachable. If you want great coaching and a superb atmosphere, this is the place for you."

BU - PT and group sessions. "One of the best gyms around Huddersfield 💪💯 …"

LC - PT and group sessions. "I would recommend Liam’s bootcamps 100% I’ve been training with him for about a year, and he is very encouraging, supportive and motivating. During lockdown it was an extremely tough time, not being able to do our usual bootcamp sessions, this resulted in weight gain and low mood. I can’t tell you how much of a boost it is to join his sessions, not only for fitness but for mental health also, as everyone is so supportive and encouraging and every safety policy is maintained with everything cleaned and disinfected after every use! I’ve always felt safe. Thanks Liam! 🏋🏻‍♀️ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"

DW - PT "Amazing what you can do with a Kettlebell! Liam had me doing all sorts of things with that thing and in the beginning I hated him! Weirdly I began to enjoy the classes and the Kettlebell is only part of the torcher he puts you through! He's a great guy and I enjoyed his one on onel and group classes very much!"

HH - PT and group sessions. "I trained with Liam before lockdown and would highly recommend. The boot camps are excellent and I achieved fantastic results. The people are very friendly. Liam is very professional and I will be returning as soon as possible."

PT - PT and group sessions. "I’ve been training with Liam for a year now, mostly as part of a group session. I can’t quite believe how much progress I’ve made on that time - it’s incredible! Liam has the perfect training programs & the best coaching I’ve encountered - I wouldn’t train anywhere else, or with anyone else. I have a very sedentary job & been working from home since March - it’s so important for my mental & physical health to be able to go and train with Liam in such a safe, hygienic environment. Training with him has enabled me to become so much more confident in myself, in my ability to exercise and develop and to find ways to keep my mental health as strong as my physical health. I can’t recommend him highly enough, everyone should have a Liam to go!"

LA - PT "I’ve been training with Liam for some time, initially I went to improve my fitness along with improving my confidence in a gym setting. Straight away Liam reassured me that the gym was safe and secure, his friendly yet professional approach soon put me at ease which meant I could focus on working out. Since starting with Liam not only has my fitness and strength improved but I have seen a huge improvement in the control of my Type 1 diabetes. Having this condition makes loosing weight and working out difficult at times but Liam is very understanding and has frequently adapted sessions to accommodate. There have also been improvements in my mobility, moods, confidence and self belief. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with the help of Liam, training in an environment that I feel I can be myself in and by doing the type of exercise I enjoy. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

CH - PT and group sessions. "In 20 years I never really thought about my fitness, but after the shocking year that was 2020 and the events of lockdown, I found I had gained so much weight and was struggling mentally. I knew something had to change. After numerous conversations with Liam I decided The Angry Vegan could be the place to start my new chapter. After my first group session I was amazed by how well set up it all was, every guideline covered, one way systems in place, every piece of equipment cleaned in between every person using it. Now 13 weeks on I am in a much better place mentally and physically, with a weight loss of 2 stone so far. The Angry Vegan really has helped turn my life round. Keep up the amazing work Liam your doing a fantastic job for so many of us."

SM - Group sessions. "I signed up to the Angry Vegan group sessions after struggling with my mental health during lockdown. The gym sessions have helped me immensely, the crippling anxiety I had is now at a manageable level. I am in a safe space at the gym, we effectively socially distance & each piece of equipment is wiped & cleaned after each use. My type 2 diabetes is so much more under control after the gym workouts & bootcamp sessions, my practice nurse is impressed with the results! I feel more confident in myself together with my self esteem improving. I would highly recommend The Angry Vegan and Yorkshire Kettlebell Club to anyone looking to improve their life, whether it be be physically or mentally!"

AT - Group sessions. "As a middle aged, middle weight woman, it was with trepidation that I signed up to Yorkshire Bootcamps...turns out I’m capable of much more than I realised! The group is so friendly, and everyone’s just trying to do their own best, no competitions, no egos, and plenty of encouragement from Liam. If you’re thinking about it - do it! You have nothing to lose, and a shed-load of strength, stamina, and confidence to gain!"

ZP - PT and group sessions. "Where to start, what a great coach! I was in a very dark place after losing my 19 year old son back in March, and I couldn’t see a way out until I joined Yorkshire Bootcamps, now I have a focus I now see a light at the end of the tunnel, I get pushed just at the right time to help me carry on, Liam you're a star 🌟"

CC - Group sessions. "Being booked on the bootcamp sessions has been good for me as it has helped me to address my work/life/balance. I feel much better mentally and physically having scheduled bootcamp sessions in place."

SB - Group sessions. "Group sessions with Liam are good fun and at a time to suit working people. Liam is very flexible and accommodating to allow me to fit two sessions in a week, around my job and my family. I am coming to the end of the second set and about to sign up for the 3rd. Doing Bootcamp in November and December was really helpful in feeling healthy over Christmas, the big impact will start in January!"

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