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Fran and Liam of The Angry Vegan Personal Training - Huddersfield Personal Trainer

Welcome to The Angry Vegan personal training - Your Huddersfield Personal Trainer!

"Welcome to The Angry Vegan Personal Training at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club in Huddersfield HD1, where we cut through the fitness fluff and get down to what really works - old-school strength training.


I’m Liam O’Brien, a Master Trainer who believes in the no-nonsense power of kettlebells and barbells. Fran, my partner in lifting and life, is a Women’s Health wizard turned strength guru, transforming the lives of middle-aged and menopausal women, one squat at a time.


Our gym is where barbells meet kettlebells in a symphony of strength, supported by the grit of suspension training. Forget about fads; we’re about starting now and building habits that don't just last a lifetime - they make that lifetime better. Training here means no distractions, just pure focus, because lifting weights is about more than muscles; it's about building mental fortitude and a life worth lifting for.


Join us at The Angry Vegan, where every session is a step towards a you that’s not just stronger in body, but unbreakable in spirit."

Whatever your goals we work together to achieve them.

The Angry Vegan Personal Training - Huddersfield Personal Trainer


Weight loss and general fitness.
The Angry Vegan Personal Training - Huddersfield Personal Trainer


Strength training, muscle building and body composition.
The Angry Vegan Personal Training - Huddersfield Personal Trainer


Improve physical and mental wellbeing.

At The Angry Vegan Personal Training, we don’t just tailor our approach; we craft it with the precision of a blacksmith forging a barbell. Here’s what we do, and we do it well:

  • Weight Loss and General Fitness: Tired of the fluff and puff of public gyms? Our coaching cuts through the nonsense, delivering sustainable weight loss and fitness regimes that actually work. No magic pills, just good old sweat and science.

  • Strength Training, Muscle Building, and Body Composition: Whether you’re just starting or you're more chiselled than a Greek statue, our blend of old-school strength fundamentals and modern savvy will get you to your goals. It’s not just lifting weights; it’s about lifting your entire game.

  • Improve Physical and Mental Wellbeing: We believe in strength of body and mind. Our training strengthens your muscles and your mental resolve, because what’s a strong body without a strong will to back it up?

Choose us for a no-nonsense, experienced approach to fitness. We’re not just trainers; we’re your guides to a fitter, stronger, and more resilient you."

Why train with us, who is The Angry Vegan?

Fran and Liam of The Angry Vegan Personal Training - Huddersfield Personal Trainer

"At The Angry Vegan, we’re not just a gym or team of coaches; we’re a crucible where seasoned expertise fuses with dynamic adaptability.


I’m Fran, and I bring to the table not just a two-decade tenure in women’s health nursing, but also a gritty history with bootcamps, circuit training, and mud-caked races like Tough Mudder and Total Warrior. For older or menopausal women, I’m not just a trainer; I’m an ally, understanding every challenge and triumph on a personal level.


Liam, my steadfast comrade in fitness and life's journey, brings a different kind of muscle - kettlebells, marathons, and grappling on the mats. His journey through European-level Girevoy Sport, distance running including the Sahara Desert Marathon, and strength sports such as strongman and powerlifting, infuses our training philosophy with a raw, unfiltered pursuit of strength, tailored for bodies that aren’t getting any younger.

Our gym's ethos? It’s simple. We chase strength in its purest, most adaptable form. We know that as our bodies age, they don’t get weaker; they just need smarter training. The Angry Vegan is where our paths, experiences, and philosophies converge, crafting a transformative space for fitness enthusiasts at all levels. Here, we don’t just lift weights; we elevate lives, embracing every challenge as a chance to grow stronger, together.


Join us, where experience meets empathy, and excellence is not just a goal, but our coaching standard."

client Testimonials, Feedback and Reviews.

JM - PT "Using Liam as a personal trainer really helped me develop not only my strength but my knowledge and technique in different lifts. I also gained a lot of insight into different aspects of health and exercise. Definitely worth taking lessons with Liam as you can learn more at any level you are at."

IG - PT and group sessions. "Liam has been amazing for me, turning someone who hated the idea of going to the gym into someone who you can't keep out. His enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise is great, and I can highly recommend him to anyone!"

HP - PT and group sessions. "I had been working out at the Angry Vegan gym for around a year when I got pregnant. For a while I carried on with my normal workouts with Frans help and advice, toward the end however I moved to working with Fran exclusively in PT sessions and she designed the perfect sets that allowed me to continue to work out right up untill 37 weeks. The work outs were still challenging so I didn't lose strength, with many of the moves I was used to adapted for my now very different body and the pregnancy side effects I had, there were also some new moves that would help me as I approach the birth. Everyone is different in pregnancy and she really took the time to listen and understand what I was after.... I will continue to work with Fran postnatal and really appreciate her time and the effort she put into designing the perfect sessions for me."

JT - PT and group sessions. "I had been having a problem with my knee for over a year. Having had X-rays and scans I saw a physio who said that the best way to improve it was to consistently do strengthening exercises for all the muscles supporting the knee. I asked Fran to give me some exercises for strengthening....she tailored them to my requirements and thought about all the muscles! She checked in regularly with my progress, altering the program as I got stronger. I've gone from limping around to feeling no pain or discomfort at all. I also attend group training and she always has an eye on what works for me and what I need to change or adjust. She's highly skilled and very knowledgeable and I can't thank her enough!"

AS - PT "Since I started my PT sessions and the classes with Liam, my energy levels are really good and I feel that my fitness level is getting stronger by the week! For someone who never liked exercising before, I now always look forward to attending my sessions. Liam is fantastic at motivating and pushing me to excel in every session and I have been able to see the benefits to both my physical health and mental well-being."

PT - PT "I can’t believe how much I’ve come on since I’ve been training with Liam. I’m much stronger, much fitter & much happier! (Never thought I’d post that about a gym!). Having PT sessions with Liam has massively improved my technique - I’ve gone from feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing to being confident enough to train on my own. It’s brilliant to have the gym to myself as well. All in all, the gym, & Liam are highly recommended - give it a go & you won’t be disappointed!"

PB - PT "I have worked out for some 30 years, but at a very routine level. This is the first time with a personal trainer and it’s “first time lucky” as Liam is extremely good to work with as well as being a great person. In terms of the training, Liam prepares sessions that continue to extend me and develop my fitness, strength and technique. The sessions are never the same, they are very rewarding and I have learnt so much from him. I can only recommend Liam as highly as possible and pass on my thanks to him for making my new training more enjoyable and productive."

VL - PT "Liam is a brilliant trainer, he knows what he's talking about and how to get the best from you but he knows about real life too and makes sure your goals are realistic! He's a great guy and despite the name he's really not that angry 😂 …"

SB - Group sessions. "Liam isn’t angry at all - just very encouraging in a loud voice! He’s rooting for you to achieve that feeling of accomplishment and will help you get there, whatever your level of fitness is. It’s lots of fun with lots of equipment - friendly, relaxed and supportive. Most of the time it’s a social get-together. With shouting and a questionable choice in music - what more do you need?!"

IG - PT "Liam has been amazing for me, turning someone who hated the idea of going to the gym into someone who you can't keep out. He's enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise is great, and I can highly recommend him to anyone!"

Reviews and Testimonials

The gym.

Yorkshire Kettlebell Club isn't your run-of-the-mill gym; it's a fortress of fortitude, where real training isn't just practiced, it's mastered.


Amidst the ocean of public gyms, frothing with New Year’s resolutions and a staggering dropout rate of 50% within half a year, we stand as a bastion of committed, lifelong fitness. Our domain, bristling with the finest strength, powerlifting, and conditioning equipment, offers refuge from the madding crowd of faceless, commercial sweat factories.


Here, the wait for machines is as extinct as excuses, and anonymity is banished. We don't just maintain cleanliness and personal space; we revere it, ensuring that every workout is as safe as it is effective.

We see strength training not as a passing fad, but as a relentless pursuit of excellence. Join us, and you won't be another face lost in the crowd; you'll be a vital part of a community where strength, perseverance, and continuous self-improvement are the lifeblood.


Strength training with us isn't a short-lived January romance; it's a lifelong love affair with iron. Forget those New Year's resolutions that fizzle out quicker than a pound shop sparkler. At Yorkshire Kettlebell Club, we're in the business of forging a stronger you, day in, day out, all year long. "In our world, shortcuts are as hollow as a drunken promise made at a works Christmas party, all bluster and no substance. Consistency isn't just king – it's the hardworking, unglamorous core of genuine progress, the very backbone of strength training."

Classes and small group personal training.

Love Island Lifting Club with The Angry Vegan Personal Training, Huddersfield

Love Island Lifting Club


Monday at 6.30pm.

Love Island Lifting Club at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club isn’t your typical prance-around-with-weights class; it’s where elite strength training meets the keen eye of personal coaching.


Come Monday at half-past six in the evening, you’ll step into a circuit session crafted for the serious lifter. Armed with strongman and weightlifting gear that’s second to none, we're all about perfecting technique, building bona fide strength, and forging the sort of mental grit that's as rare as common sense in a reality TV show.


Forget the heaving, faceless masses of a public gym class – our tight-knit coaching ensures you’re never just another number. With only 8-10 in a group, you're not just part of the session; you're the heart of it. Ready to be serious? Step up, lift with purpose, and watch those limits crumble like a biscuit in tea. 🏋️‍♂️💥

Yorkshire Bootcamps with The Angry Vegan Personal Training, Huddersfield

Yorkshire Bootcamps


Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm, Saturday at 10.30am

Yorkshire Bootcamps are where comfort zones come to die! 


Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, we plunge into the beating heart of fitness, chiselling out core strength, endurance, and a jumpstart to your lethargic weekend. Forget the cookie-cutter routines of your average gym; we’re about precise technique and the kind of mental toughness that’s usually reserved for storybook heroes.


Our High-Intensity Strength Training (HIST) circuits are a concoction of cardio and core that will test the mettle of even the hardiest souls. For over ten years, we’ve refined our methods to a fine art, ensuring every participant wrings out every last drop of benefit from their sweat.


Fancy a challenge that’ll make a spartan wince? Then join us. It’s time to push past those boundaries and sculpt a resilience that’s not just for show. 🏋️‍♂️🔥🤸‍♂️

Sing-A-Long-A-Bootcamp at The Angry Vegan Personal Training - Huddersfield Personal Trainer


Monday and Friday at 9.30am.

Sing-Along-A-Bootcamp at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is where timeless tunes meet iron will.


Every Monday and Friday morning, when the clock strikes half-past nine, we roll back the years and dial up the intensity. Here, the anthems of the 60s to the 80s aren't just background noise; they're the battle hymns of our iconic bootcamp. It's a symphony of effort, a harmony of nostalgia, where the only thing better than the familiar tunes is the buzz of a workout done right. No singing required, just a willingness to groove as you move, and to sweat to the rhythm of the classics.


If your idea of a good time is a trip down memory lane with the gusto of a bootcamp beat, then lace up those trainers. It's time to show these young whippersnappers that true strength is timeless. 🎶🏋️‍♂️🕺

The Gym
Small Group Sessions and Classes
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The Angry Vegan Personal Training.

Yorkshire Kettlebell Club.

Apna Venue.

Prospect St.


West Yorkshire.


T: 07873 603615


GDPR Compliance Statement

Your privacy is a big deal – even bigger than the last set of heavy squats you didn't think you could finish but did. Here at The Angry Vegan Personal Training, we treat your data like we treat our weights: carefully, respectfully, and always within the bounds of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use your personal info solely to deliver the services you've flexed your consent for us to provide. No funny business, no sharing your details with third parties unless you give us the nod. For the full story, without the legalese, check out our Privacy Policy.

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