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Fran and Liam of The Angry Vegan Personal Training

Welcome to The Angry Vegan personal training!

Hi I'm Liam and alongside my remarkable wife Fran, we’ve established a sanctuary of strength and wellbeing in the heart of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.


Fran, with her 20 years of dedicated service as an NHS nurse specialising in women’s health, has recently augmented her skill set with a personal training qualification.


On my part, I have traversed the realm of strength training for 17 years, from kettlebell training and competition to strongman and powerlifting.


At our private gym, Yorkshire Kettlebell Club, we welcome you to a bespoke fitness experience that is as personal as it is empowering. Together with Fran, I am excited to accompany you on this transformative journey towards achieving your fitness aspirations in a private and comforting face-to-face setting, where you can pursue your fitness journey without the worry of feeling self-conscious or judged.


Liam - The Angry Vegan

Whatever your goals we work together to achieve them.

Weight loss and general fitness


Weight loss and general fitness.
Strength traiining and muscle building


Strength training, muscle building and body composition.
Improving physical and mental health


Improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Why train with us, who is The Angry Vegan?

Fran and Liam of The Angry Vegan Personal Training.

Our journey with The Angry Vegan began in 2007, born out of a vision to create a hub for fitness and strength training enthusiasts. In a span of just five years, this vision transformed into the first bricks and mortar embodiment of our passion: the Yorkshire Kettlebell Club gym, established in 2012 in Rotherham South Yorkshire. In 2020 we moved to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.


My personal fitness journey played a significant role in shaping the gym’s ethos. After many years of traditional strength training and bodybuilding as well as BJJ and Judo, I ventured into the incredibly disciplined and demanding world of Girevoy Sport or competitive kettlebell lifting. From there, my interests broadened into distance running and marathons and then to powerlifting and strongman competitions!

As the years progressed, my perspective shifted. Recognising the evolving demands of my body with age, I now emphasise diverse forms of strength training. This evolution in my coaching reflects a mature, adaptive approach, ensuring my clients benefit from exercise and training that respects their bodies’ changing needs without limiting their progress or potential.


Alongside my journey, Fran brought a distinctive touch to our venture. With 20 years in nursing, specialising in women’s health, she holds an intricate understanding of the female body. Her transition from nursing to personal training wasn’t merely professional; it was a personal transformation too. Fran started with middle-distance running and bootcamps before conquering extreme obstacle course races! Today, her training leans heavily into strength-based exercise and high-intensity circuits. Her coaching niche? Empowering older women, especially those navigating the unique challenges of the menopause.


I can’t stress enough how versatile our coaching approach is. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, unsure of the first step, or someone seasoned yet dissatisfied with results, we cater to all. Our combined expertise ensures that The Angry Vegan remains a beacon of personalised, effective, and evolving fitness guidance. 

Personal training and client reviews.

JM - PT client.


'Using Liam as a personal trainer really helped me develop not only my strength but my knowledge and technique in different lifts. I also gained a lot of insight into different aspects of health and exercise. Definitely worth taking lessons with Liam as you can learn more at any level you are at.'

IG - PT and group sessions.


'Liam has been amazing for me, turning someone who hated the idea of going to the gym into someone who you can't keep out. His enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise is great, and I can highly recommend him to anyone!'

SR - PT and group sessions.


'Liam is a top bloke, good laugh and fierce Personal Trainer. He doesn't let you give up and gives you that push/kick to keep you going when you need it most. I've only been training under him for six months, and in that time my overall health has improved, my fitness, and my mental fortitude/confidence. Liam has not only taught me how to lift correctly and how to ignore my mind and listen to my body - but he has also helped with my nutrition. I will be a member for many, many years. I 100% recommend The Angry Vegan. Give it a go, you'll get the help to become the best version of you!'

The gym.

Step into a world which is far from your average personal training facility! 


Here at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club, we offer you a tailor-made experience in a state-of-the-art gym, fully fitted out with an extensive range of strength, powerlifting, strongman and conditioning equipment From custom-built kit to cardio, core, boxing, suspension training and of course kettlebells - you'll have it all at your fingertips.


Enjoy the unparalleled benefit of having the entire space to yourself, with no sharing of equipment, no waiting for machines, and no distractions. Say goodbye to feeling self-conscious and seize the freedom to focus solely on your individual fitness journey!

Classes and small group personal training.

Love Island Lifting Club

Love Island Lifting Club


Ignite Your Strength Every Monday at 6:30pm!


Dive into a power-packed circuit using elite strongman and weightlifting gear. Yes, it’s intense — but with dual coaching and real-time demos, you’ll soon master every move.


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our trainers are right there to guide and adapt each exercise to your pace. With us, every workout fits all.


Challenge accepted? 💪🏼🔥


(Ever wondered about the curious name ‘Love Island Lifting Club’? Behind it lies a rich tapestry of tales, winding and intricate. Dare to dive into its depths? Just ask!)



Yorkshire Bootcamps

Yorkshire Bootcamps


Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm, Saturday at 10.30am


Unleash Your Potential on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays!


Join us every Tuesday at 6:30pm for a core-crushing abs focus, Thursdays for a robust strength and endurance challenge, and Saturdays at 10:30am to kickstart your weekend!


Now celebrating more than 10 years, our Yorkshire Bootcamp circuits evolve to fit you. Enjoy a more intimate setting, as we cap participation for tailored coaching. Dive into our signature blend of cardio, strength, and core in a circuit style, supercharged as High Intensity Strength Training (HIST).


Let’s redefine limits together! 🔥🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♂️




Monday and Friday at 9.30am.


Groove & Move Every Monday & Friday at 9:30am!


Step into our “Sing-along” sessions — not just for vocals, but for the vibrant energy! While the workouts mirror our iconic Yorkshire Bootcamps, the soundtrack takes a nostalgic spin with 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s karaoke hits. Contrast that to our Love Island sessions with thumping bass or Yorkshire Bootcamps’ commercial dance tunes.


Though our regulars rock their mid-60s, everyone’s invited to join the fun! And remember, while the tunes are catchy, singing along is entirely up to you.


Let’s sweat to the classics! 🎶🏋️‍♂️🕺


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Contact Us

The Angry Vegan Personal Training.

Yorkshire Kettlebell Club.

Apna Venue.

Prospect St.


West Yorkshire.



T: 07873 603615




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