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Ready to take the leap into real fitness? For all things personal training, face-to-face sessions in our no-nonsense private gym, or to snag a complimentary consultation and trial session (because we're nice like that), just drop your details below.

We aim to get back to you quicker than you can swing a kettlebell - typically within 48 hours. If you don't hear from us, chances are our email got as lost as a newbie in a gym and ended up in your Junk Mail. So, take a peek there. Still nothing? Then give us a nudge directly:

Let’s get those fitness goals off the ground, shall we?

Liam and Fran of The Angry Vegan Personal Training

The Angry Vegan Personal Training

Yorkshire Kettlebell Club​

Apna Centre.
Prospect St,


T: 07873 603615

GDPR Compliance Statement

Your privacy is a big deal – even bigger than the last set of heavy squats you didn't think you could finish but did. Here at The Angry Vegan Personal Training, we treat your data like we treat our weights: carefully, respectfully, and always within the bounds of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use your personal info solely to deliver the services you've flexed your consent for us to provide. No funny business, no sharing your details with third parties unless you give us the nod. For the full story, without the legalese, check out our Privacy Policy.

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