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Meet The Coaches!


Liam OBrien of The Angry Vegan Personal Training

"From the heavy bass of nightclubs in the UK and across global cities, my journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. After decades amidst the flashing lights and blaring music, 2006 marked a transformative year when I transitioned to becoming a personal trainer. Initially, my penchant was towards traditional strength training and bodybuilding, a reflection of my own foundational understanding of fitness. However, as I dove deeper, the art of kettlebell training captivated me. Achieving instructor certifications from both the IKFF and the World Kettlebell Club was a testament to my commitment.


A fleeting attempt at triathlons unveiled two truths; my ineptitude at swimming and an unenthusiastic view towards cycling! But, as with many things in life, this detour led me to my true passion – Girevoy Sport or competitive kettlebell lifting. Europe became my training ground, seeking wisdom from the continent’s finest coaches. Riding on this newfound zeal, the Yorkshire Kettlebell Team was birthed, headquartered at my very first gym, the Yorkshire Kettlebell Club. We weren’t just a team; we were a dominating force, achieving unprecedented success throughout the UK and Europe.


However, by 2012, circumstances changed and the collective disbanded, though some pursued their national dreams.


My personal athletic saga continued, shifting gears to long-distance running, notably marathons. From the scenic streets of Limassol, Cyprus, to the arid terrains of the Sahara Desert Marathon, each race stamped a memory. But the allure of strength beckoned me back, leading me to strongman and powerlifting domains. Competing across various levels, I eventually hung up my competitive boots in 2019. Today, my mission revolves around imparting strength-focused training, emphasizing its profound benefits, especially as we age. And while I might be on a competitive hiatus, the thrill remains. Perhaps, a masters strongman competition might see me soon. Who knows?"


Fran OBrien of The Angry Vegan Personal Training

"For over two decades, I have proudly donned the nurse’s cap, specialising in the intricate realm of women’s health. Life as a nurse - laden with shift work, sedentary hours, and comfort eating - brought me face-to-face with a weighty challenge, tipping the scales at far more than I’d ever imagined. My journey back to health began with revamping my dietary choices, followed by introducing consistent physical activity, leading to a triumphant loss of over 20kg.


2015 became a defining year when a friend introduced me to the invigorating world of bootcamp training. Before I knew it, I was pushing my boundaries and conquering extreme obstacle course races, a testament to my newfound stamina and willpower. Running, which began with modest 5km goals, quickly transitioned to 10km milestones, marked by numerous finishes under my belt.


Then came the pandemic—like many, my training and nutritional discipline faltered during the lockdowns. But resilience has always been my middle name. Soon, I diversified my regime with a renewed focus on strength and weightlifting, complemented by my continued passion for running, evident in my comeback to the 10km race circuit.


Deciding to pivot my career to share my fitness journey and insights, I earned my stripes as a level 2 gym instructor and a level 3 personal trainer. Today, alongside my supportive husband Liam, I’m thrilled to be a part of The Angry Vegan Personal Training team. My specialty? Strength training for women, with a unique emphasis on older and menopausal women, merging my nursing background with my fitness expertise.


In a recent feather in my cap, I had the unparalleled experience of training alongside England’s Strongest Man, Paul Smith. It’s been quite the ride, and I’m eager to empower others to embark on their transformative journeys!"

Personal training and small group session client reviews.

SB - PT and group sessions.


'Liam isn’t angry at all - just very encouraging in a loud voice! He’s rooting for you to achieve that feeling of accomplishment and will help you get there, whatever your level of fitness is. It’s lots of fun with lots of equipment - friendly, relaxed and supportive. Most of the time it’s a social get-together. With shouting and a questionable choice in music - what more do you need?!'

PT - PT and group sessions.

Training with Liam for a year, especially in group sessions, has been transformative. The progress I’ve made is astounding! Liam offers unmatched training programs and coaching. Despite my sedentary job and working from home since March, training with him in a clean, safe setting has been vital for both my mental and physical health. He’s boosted my confidence immensely, in both fitness and mental well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend him—everyone needs a Liam in their life! 

JG - PT and group sessions.


'An excellent strength and conditioning facility. Equipment is of the highest standard and the entire place is very clean and well maintained. Liam is very knowledgeable and super approachable. If you want great coaching and a superb atmosphere, this is the place for you.'

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